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Voucher Overview

For a maximum overview, all created vouchers are displayed in a table-like manner in the overview. The name, coupon code, value, date of validity, number of uses and the maximum number of uses are displayed here.

Used by …

For each created voucher, you can check which customer has used it for a lesson. This also allows you to analyze whether a voucher was successful or not.

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Maximum use

For a voucher, that should not be used more than X times, a maximum usage can be set. If an attempt is now being made to assign a voucher to a customer, the above error message is output.

Create / edit voucher

The creation and editing of a voucher is as easy and fast as the creation of customers or classes. The most important information can be stored here and the code can also be generated for those who do not use predefined or preceding coupon codes.

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