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Planen Sie Ihre Thekenschichten und Arbeitstermine.


Counter work scheduling

The interactive work schedule calendar shows when a counter staff has to work. Month, week and day view of the working hours is possible here. In the right sidebar of the page, the dates, including the names & times, are displayed in detail.

Add counter workday

You add a counter workday simply by selecting the counter staff, the location where to work and the dates as well as the time. Before you save it is possible to send a calendar file (iCal) to the email of the counter staff.

Arbeitstag hinzufügen

Counter staff

In order to be able to allocate counters to a working day, they must be created for the time being. In the overview, you will find the personnel so far created by you plus contact details.

Edit / Create counter staff

Add or edit a counter staff as usual: enter your name, address and contact details here. A profile image can also be added.

Thekenpersonal bearbeiten anlegen
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