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Do not lose track!

With the help of our intuitive member administration
you keep track of your customers.

Mitgliederverwaltung Übersicht

Member Overview

In the overview you will find all your created dance studio members. These are shown in table with first / last name, city, contact details and the courses they are registered for.

  • Quick view of all important customer data
  • See customer’s courses
  • Create invoices
  • Create email confirmations
  • Delete member from the course
Kunden exportieren

Live Search & Export

Search all your customers in real-time with our live search. You can also export all members as PDF, CSV, Print or Excel.

Mitglieder filtern


Filter your customer list according to criteria such as name or city. For example, you can see how many customers come from a particular city.

Mitglieder Quicklinks

Create billing / confirmation mail

Create an invoice, email confirmation, change the paid status, or delete a customer directly from a course.

You can also copy multiple customers from one course to another.

Create / edit customers

When editing / creating new customers, of course, the most important information such as name, address, contact data must be stored. Since the creation of new customer parts can take a long time, we have installed a copy function, which takes the data from one existing member to the new one.

Not only through the class management customers can be assigned to a course,  but also they can directly be assigned when you create / edit your members.

Kunden anlegen / bearbeiten
Kundendaten kopieren

Copy customer data

Member and partners often have the same address. For this reason, when you create a customer, you can easily copy the address data from existing customers using the copy function.

Duplikate Check

Duplicates Check

Nothing is worse than double customer data. Therefore we check directly at the input, whether the email address already exists in the system. If a duplicate is found, the found member is displayed directly.

Bankdaten Check

Bank data verification

In order to avoid any input errors in the bank data, we have installed a live IBAN / BIC validation, which checks whether an IBAN has the correct length and actually exists.

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