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Newsletter with Mailchimp

We do not want to reinvent the wheel! That’s why we use Mailchimp as a newsletter system. Both systems are seamlessly integrated with each other. This allows customers to be imported from weDance to Mailchimp, and newsletters from Mailchimp can be displayed in weDance.

Synchronize your customers

All your customers can be synchronizedto Mailchimp through our tool. With the press of a button, subscribers can be directly imported into the system. In the overview, all participants who have already been imported into Mailchimp will be displayed.

Newsletter Kunden von Mailchimp
Email Bestätigungen

Email confirmations

Created email confirmations, whether for a course or an event, are listed here. These can either be edited here or sent again.

Edit email confirmation

A built-in WYSIWYG editor can be used to edit any email confirmation. As in Word, formatting can be edited here and more. The e-mail confirmations are filled directly with the data of the customer and the registered course.

Email-Bestätigung bearbeiten
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