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All-In-One Dance studio Administration

weDance is your dance studio management software. Developed with and for dance studios to simplify your daily life. Manage your dance courses, customers, events, bar and much more. Everything you need to control your dance studio – no matter where you are. Cloud based device independent for maximum comfortability.



All important information on one page. The dashboard gives you a quick, important overview of your dance studio.

  • Show key figures
  • Quick Links to important menus
  • Appointment calendar
  • Different dashboards for Admin, dance teacher, bar staff & customers

Dance Class Management

Dead easy dance class management: Easy overview of all your lessons, interactive Calendar with all your appointments and an option to print attendance list.

  • Dance classes overview
  • Print attendance lists
  • Print customer lists
  • Filter (e.g. for class type, day)
  • Export (PDF, CSV, Excel, Print)
Mitgliederverwaltung Übersicht

Member Management

Keep track of your members.

  • Customer overview
  • Filter (e.g. firstname, lastname)
  • Export (PDF, CSV, Excel, Print)

Event management

Manage your next ball or celebration with our tool.

  • Manage registrations
  • Specify participants
  • Create invoices
  • Email confirmation for registrations

Voucher management

Generate and administer your vouchers.

  • Learn how often a voucher was used
  • Limit on the use of a voucher
  • Automatic linking to customers invoices

Newsletter & email confirmations

Inform your members about news with a monthly newsletter. Also send email confirmations to your customers.

  • Newsletter Integration via Mailchimp
  • Customizable email templates
  • Synchronize your customers to Mailchimp
  • Email confirmation for new registrations

Counter management

Manage work counters, manage counter staff, and organize shifts.

  • Plan work schedules
  • Manage counter staff
  • Send appointments (iCal) via email to counter staff
  • Assign more than 2 people to several appointments simultaneously


Create, check, print or send Invoices as PDF.

  • View invoices
  • Print invoices
  • Create PDF files
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Settings & Other

Set individual settings, create dance teachers, set places / rooms and edit your own profile.

  • Settings (e.g., VAT, email signatures, etc.)
  • Manage dance teachers (create, edit, delete)
  • Edit dance locations
  • Edit profile (profile picture, contact data)

Other features

Our administrative software is explicitly designed to meet the needs of dance studios. weDance was developed together with a dance studio and therefore corresponds more to practical than theoretical use. With this know-how, weDance covers all important points for efficient and time-saving work! In addition, our dance studio management software is independent of the device: whether Smartphone, Tablet or computer – weDance adapts itself.

We also offer:

  • Automatic data backup and data archiving
  • Multilingualism (currently in German and English)
  • User management
  • Support
  • Import of data from current systems

Your data is stored on servers in Germany and always transmitted via secure SSL encryption.

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