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Buchhaltung Übersicht


In the overview of the bookkeeping there are interesting statistics about sales, course registrations and more.

  • Sales this year per month
  • Turnover per year
  • Sales for all years per month
  • Course registrations per spa type
  • Course registration per year per month


All invoices already created are in the overview. Information about the invoice number, type of invoice (price or event), price and the customer can be found here.

Rechnungen Übersicht
Tanzkurs Rechnung

Dance lesson invoice

An invoice for a dance lesson can automatically be generated. Here, it is important that the accounting settings such as Tax rate, currency and bank data were set.

Tanzkurs Rechnung als PDF

Invoice as PDF

As far as the invoice is correct, a PDF can be created of it. This can then be downloaded, saved or sent to a customer.

Tanzkurs Rechnung drucken

Print invoice

Of course, the invoice can also be printed directly without the detour of creating a PDF. Just press the Print button.

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