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In addition to the general information of your dance studio, the administration of the dance studio can also be used to define role management as well as the accounting / account data. In addition, you can enter your Mailchimp API key, which is mandatory for the newsletter functionality.

Administer Dance Teachers

Under the settings also the dance teachers are managed. In the overview, all teachers with their contact data are displayed. Of course they can also be filtered or exported. To add a new dance teacher simply click on the green button in the head area.

Tanzlehrer verwalten
Tanzlehrer hinzufügen editieren

Adding & editing dance teachers

When you create or edit a dance teacher, the normal personal data as well as the contact data are entered. On the other hand, a unique color can also be given for every dance teacher. This color distinction becomes apparent later in the course calendar.

Manage locations

Places such as your rooms or various dance schools can also be managed. Every location can also have it’s own contact data if needed.

Orte verwalten
Ort hinzufügen bearbeiten

Add & Edit Location

When adding or editing a place, the location can be displayed directly on the map using Google Maps. The address data is automatically filled with Google’s data, which saves time.

My Profile

The profile can be reached in several ways. On the one hand through the main navigation on top right or on the other hand just through the settings. For example, if customers log in, they can edit their own profile through navigation.

Mein Profil
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